Website Design FAQ’s and Answers

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Our management team has been in the Graphic Design and Web Development Business for over 20 years and are considered experts in the industry. Our mission is to create most cost effective design/website for your business.

What Areas Do You Serve?

We have clients all over the United States and represent diverse business backgrounds. The best thing about about our services is that we can work together with you, no matter where you are, to design a website or graphic materials that meet your expectations.

Do I Have to Sign a Long Term Contract for Your Services?

We don’t believe in manipulating people into long term contracts; we offer SEO services on a month to month basis.

Do We Use Any Tricks or Gimmicks in Our SEO Work?

We do not utilize tricks or gimmicks to optimize your website. Using these tactics will draw only cheap traffic; just because you have high attendance doesn’t mean you have an opportunity to sell your services. Google wants websites to have natural link profiles and will penalize websites who do not. Read More.

Can We Guarantee SEO Ranking?

Any reputable SEO company CAN NOT provide guarantees and never use it as a marketing tactic.

Do You Offer Free Initial Consultation?

Yes! We believe that consultation is very important in order to determine your requirements.

How do I Know if My Website is Outdated?

Your website will look bad on mobile devices (not responsive). Test your site now.
You aren’t getting the results you want.
Your marketing strategy has changed.
Your competitors made changes that improve their rankings drastically which ended up pushing your site down in searches.
Your third-party tools are not working any more.
Your website is not bringing you business.
If any of these scenarios reflect your current website, it’s time to determine why and make the necessary changes.


Adaptive Web Design (AWD) vs Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

Responsive Website Design (RWD) is a design that varies from one device to another, but has the same overall appearance. They have only a single template, but their framework is flexible. The browser changes how the page appears in relation to the dimensions of the viewer’s window.

Adaptive Website Design (AWD) is a single site with multiple templates each designed specifically for a particular device. AWD sites can be customized to appear entirely different on different devices. Before the AWD page is even delivered to your computer, the server, where the site is hosted, detects on which device the site is being viewed. The server then loads a version of the site that is specifically optimized for the device dimensions and features native for this device.

What type of design interface should you choose? It depends on the needs of your website, the users that will see your website, and the viewer experiences you want to create for each particular device.

Do you Offer Ongoing Support for Your Websites?

We can establish an ongoing review and maintenance of your web site to accommodate your requests, user feedback, system upgrades and new web technologies.

Do You Offer Emergency Support?

We have email, phone and after hours phone support. Our team works in shifts, which allows us to answer phone calls or respond to e-mails during and after business hours. If your call is not answered – leave a message, send an e-mail and we will be notified immediately and respond promptly.

After My Website is Complete, Can I Manage it Myself Easily?

When your website is done, you will own it and have full access to the admin section. You will be able to make any changes to the site even if you have minimal web editing knowledge. We will create an easy tutorial for your convenience upon website completion.


How to Login to My WordPress Administrative Control Panel called “Admin” or “Dashboard”?

When we complete your WordPress Site or Blog, you will be able to login to your dashboard, where you can edit pages and manage your site.

  1. Your administrative login is located at
  2. For regular users on your site, the login is located at
  3. Enter your WordPress User Name into the ‘Username’ box (provided)
  4. Enter your WordPress Password into the ‘Password’ box (provided), then click ‘Log In’.

If you are already logged in or previously checked “Remember Me”, you will be able to access your dashboard directly, without typing your username and password.

FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? You can reset your WP password by using the “Lost your password?” link. You will need to enter your Username or E-mail and click on Get Your New Password. You will get an email with the subject Password Reset. This email will contain a link To reset your password; click on that link. Type in your NEW password, confirm it, then click on Reset Password.

CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. If you know your previous WP admin password, and would just like to change it, you can easily update the password from the WP dashboard (you need to be logged in). Click on “Users” from the left hand menu on your dashboard, hover over your admin User, then click on Edit from a popup menu. Scroll to the bottom, fill out your new secure password twice in the two boxes provided (the strength box will show how strong your password is), then click on Update Profile.

If you are getting error(s) when trying to login to your site, it may be because there have been too many failed logins on your dashboard, in which case the automated systems have disabled your WP admin to prevent your site from being compromised. If you are not the one who caused these errors, give us a call in order to heighten the security of your WP site.


Can You Help Me to Design Corporate Materials to Match My Website Design?

Yes! We are a full-service marketing professionals with years of experience creating promotional materials to complement your website branding. We can design business cards, letterhead, brochures, postcards, social media profiles, blog, online store, video, newsletters, etc, to match your website design.

How do I Take Raw Video Footage for Video Editing?

Read our Tips for raw footage video recording.

How do I Send You Content, Videos, and/or Pictures That I have for the Project?

You can e-mail us, upload any content that you have to our FTP, or provide us a URL. We will take care of the rest.

How Long Will It Take to Create a Website for Me?

Most of our basic websites are completed in just a few weeks. Depending on the complexity and the amount of work that needs to be done, the website might take as long as 2 months to complete.

Can I Ask You to Make Changes After My Website is Done?

We will take care of small changes on your website for a month after completion. After that, we will ask for a small one time fee, depending on the complexity of the changes.

How Many Revisions Can I Make During Design Process?

We will continue making changes until you are satisfied with our work.

Can You Create a Website with an Online Store?

We can create anything from a simple Paypal “Buy Now” button to a custom store.


Should I Worry about My Website’s Security?

Websites are unfortunately prone to security risks. Our web security defense strategy ensures that all patches and updates are up to date and all of your existing applications are reviewed for security. When you use our SEO services, we will every week scan your site for weaknesses and immediately take action to correct any flaws.

How Much do You Charge for Website Design?

Starting prices can be as low as $400 for a one page website design!

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

We require 50% deposit to start your work, but we do offer flexible payment plans to help make your design/website more affordable. Payment plans are not available on small projects, printing projects, or SEO.

How Can I Pay for Your Services?

We accept payments via: Visa, MasterCard, Checks, Money Orders, Western Union, MoneyGram.
Website Design - Anastasia Web Design Payment Accepted
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