Creativity. Professionalism. Excellent Customer Service.

Anastasia Ad Design stands out as a boutique Graphic and Website Design firm, blending the marketing expertise, creative vision, and seasoned experience typically associated with larger agencies, yet offering personalized service without the hefty price tag. Our tailor-made designs not only elevate your brand’s presence but also equip you with powerful tools to enhance your service marketing efforts.

We Grow Our Business by Growing Yours

What sets us apart? We offer top-tier services at competitive rates, driven by our passion to support you and your business endeavors. Fostering strong client relationships is at the core of our mission. Our work is a harmonious fusion of artistic creativity and strategic expertise.

Our method enables us to uncover digital and traditional avenues often missed by your competitors, leveraging them to drive momentum without sacrificing design, affordability, or market position. Every client receives our unwavering commitment to service and attention, irrespective of project scale, budget, or specifications. Harnessing the power of emerging technologies and innovative concepts, we not only attract web traffic from relevant search engine queries but also capitalize on unique ideas for optimal results.

Our Top Players

20 YEARS OF PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE. Languages: C/C++, Obj. C, C#, Java, JavaScript, ActionScript, Visual Basic, php, python. Technologies and frameworks: Cocoa, MFC, .Net, Hibernate, J2EE, , GSOAP, SQLite, MySQL, Embedded development (Nucleus,eCos, Linux), Kernel drivers (Linux, FreeBSD), USB driver development (Mac OS X, Linux), X Windows development, Unix network programming (sockets), Adobe AIR (desktop and mobile), Adobe ANE, JQuery, Bootstrap, Cake PHP, Android and iOS development, ATL COM.

DESIGN, PHOTOGRAPHY, FINE ART. Trained in the Art Academy of Latvia and the Platt College of San Diego. Proficient in Graphic Design, Website Design, Interactive Design, and Multimedia design. Experienced in creating anything from traditional media, to photography or digital art – Identity (logos and branding), publications (magazines, newspapers and books), print advertisements, posters, billboards, website graphics and elements, signs, and product packaging.

PROGRAMMER, DEVELOPER. Extremely flexible, loves a good challenge. Systematic debugger, strong skills and experience in the complete lifecycle of websites and web applications using HMTL/CSS, PHP, Java, XML with Javascript (JQuery). Skilled in WordPress development/customization.

VIDEO PRODUCTION. Raised in upstate New York, Robert Gould pursued an education in photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology in the early 70s. For over 25 years his branding company has done work for thousands of small businesses. He is the author/photographer of 19 books and also owns a children’s book publishing company. He has produced projects for a variety of clients across different industries. No matter your size or budget, he has the ability, knowledge and tools to create a compelling, visual presentation for your business.