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We edit all types of videos from simple home videos to full business commercials. We stay up to date with the latest developments and trends in video editing and contribute creatively on all video projects, design channel profiles, upload, and tag the videos with keywords.
You can be involved in creating a video a little or a lot… it’s up to you! We believe that you deserve professional service to amplify and maximize the strength and reach of your message, not just technical know-how.
You can use your camcorder, tablet, or phone to take digital videos, photos, audio files. You can send us graphic files, voice-overs, or anything else you want to include in your video. Describe your video/commercial, length, soundtrack, effects, graphic animations. start/end titles with as many details as you like.
If you are overwhelmed at trying to figure out where to start, call us now, we can make the entire process as simple as possible.

Video Recording, Video Editing, Screen Capture, Stock Video, Voiceovers, Audio Corrections, Royalty-Free Music, Custom Score, Sound Effects, Clipping, Colorization, Photo Editing… and much more.

Tips: How to take raw video footage for editing:

Use a tripod and optical zoom for your shots. To record without a tripod, the arm that holds the camera should be brought tight to your chest and the other arm should come firmly across your chest with your hand tightly holding your elbow.
The recording should starts with five seconds of stillness, then pan very slowly to the next subject (pan at a rate of 90 degrees of arc per five seconds).
Don’t record the video against the sun – the sun needs to be behind the camera at all times.
Shoot a lot of secondary footage (close-ups of the equipment/product or person, hands turning equipment on, faces, handshakes, technicians leaving or entering truck, etc). Give us a call for more tips for your particular video.
Use smooth transitions to record moving objects (trucks, cars, etc.) or people – try to not stop recording while your subject is still in the viewfinder. Follow the subject for as long as you’re interested in doing so, but when the time has come to push the stop button – slow down the speed at which you’re following the main character/object, or stop moving altogether; allow the subject to walk/drive out of frame, and then turn off the camera. Even without editing later, this will make for a lot smoother transition.
A standard rule in any shooting is OVER SHOOT – we can cut it out or edit it. Better to have too much footage than too little! You should also be prepared to get extra footage and to capture spontaneous moments. Some of the best content has come from moments when people didn’t think the camera was on and were acting more natural.

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